10 guías de carpintería casi imprescindibles

Enredando no garaxe cómo enseñaros las 10 mejores guías de carpintería que hice en mi canal de carpintería. No son imprescindibles, pero dependiendo de las máquinas que tengamos en nuestros talleres caseros pueden ser de gran ayuda.

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Simple Homemade Centering Jig for Woodworking!

Finding center or laying out on round or tapered piece is a bit of a challenge for woodworkers. This Simple homemade jig can handle almost all of a woodworker center finding needs!
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Homemade Tools – Table Saw Twig Jig – $50 Wood Shop

This Is How I built a jig for cutting twigs in half for my rustic furniture Projects in the Wood Shop.. Natural accents can ad so much beauty furniture.

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Jigs, Jigs and more Jigs

My entire jig collection and how they work. I will even show you how to make two new jigs! A spine cutting jig along with a sacrificial fence that rides all on the table saw fence. For an in depth … Read the rest

Make a mini table saw sled with joinery jig attachments (box joint, tenon, spline)


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Make a Simple Doweling Jig

This is a quick project that can be done in less than an hour. All you need is a couple of scraps of wood and two bushings, which can be found at almost any hardware store. It is very accurate, … Read the rest

Simple Jig! Homemade DIY Jointer

This easy DIY homemade jointer is easy to make and can come in real handy for woodworkers with limited tools and space. In this How Too video you will see just how easy they are to build.
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Wood Turning – Useful Jigs and Things!

Some useful jigs and things I’ve been making. Inspired by many hours of YouTube viewing, below are some links to the main inspirers:
Albert Furtado’s Channel:
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7 New homemade woodworking tools & jigs coming soon! (and some BIG announcements!)

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SIMPLE JIG! Turns Table Saw into a jointer! Flatten Stock!!!

Using two simple “jigs” a “tablesaw”: CVan be used to straighten and flatten stock when a joiner is not available!

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